What Is The Mercurius?

The Mercurius Closed Loop system is one of Best Value Vacs advanced extraction units. This setup
allows for a fast, dewaxed extraction of botanical oils while minimizing dry ice usage common with
other dewaxing units. This unit is rack mounted on a small footprint, making it great for small workspaces
. Special plumping allows maximum solvent recovery, minimizing loss per run. The Mercurius
system is a great choice for professionals, as runtime and overhead are reduced, maximizing production
and profit.

Key Features Of The Mercurius

The Mercurius system comes standard as an active system with a CMEP-OL pump. This allows the
Mercurius key features to be possible. This system can perform full dewaxing of botanical oils with
minimal dry ice. This is possible by utilizing the evaporative cooling properties of the solvent and a
cooling coil. The combination of frozen material and solvent will prevent waxes from extracting,
increasing overall clarity without long chilling times. The Mercurius system is a bi-directional flow,
allowing solvent flood from both ends of the material column. This method makes achieving a full yield
easier by preventing channeling and maximizing solvent exposure to the material. Another feature is the hot
vapor re-loop. This function by-passes the condensing coil after the pump and re-loops warm
recovered solvent back into the material column. This will defrost the material, warm up and pressurize
any residual solvent, and prep the material column for recovery. Active recovery reduces recovery time
and dry ice usage by using a condensing coil for cooling solvent.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

The Mercurius is able to freeze the material in the column by utilizing a phase change of the solvent
used. To begin this process, 10-20% of the total solvent (depending on packing density) is injected into
the top of the material column, slightly saturating the entire material column. The goal is to wet the
material with the solvent. Once the material column is wetted, the recovery pump is used to lower the
column pressure. Once vapor pressure returns to negative, the solvent will change phase and be
recovered. This usually happens around -10” HG. As the solvent changes, latent heat is removed from
all surfaces solvent was touching, instantly freezing the material and column. The material column is
vacuum insulated, keeping the temperature low after this process. Once this is completed, the system is
ready to begin extraction. This process paired with frozen solvent ensures a low-temperature extraction
occurs. This prevents waxes and other undesirable compounds from being extracted.

Benefits Of Hot Vapor Re-Loop And Material Column Recovery

The plumbing of the active system on the Mercurius allows warm vapor to be routed to the material
column, as well as the material column to be recovered. By using the hot vapor loop feature, residual

solvent is warmed and pressurized, helping solvent to be removed from the saturated material. This is
important when doing continual runs, as 99% of solvent can be recovered, both reducing loss and
explosive vapors in the workspace. This will save money over time, as well as making the waste material
less dangerous.

Overall, the Mercurius provides speed and cost efficiency while providing a low-temperature extraction.
This is the recommended system for those who need a high-quality product and fast production. Minimal
dry ice usage lowers overhead.

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